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Park Plus Car Stackers

Park Plus Solutions is a company that specialises in the supply, installation and maintenance of car stacking machines and associated equipment for domestic and commercial applications.

As the name sugests, we look for the best solution for your parking requirements at either design stage or in an existing space.

We offer a range of major brands and styles to suit all applications. All units are safe, reliable and easy to operate, and meet both CE and ANSI requirements.


- create additional on site parking
- additional parking space that allows visitors parking
- very cost effective
- increases property value
- easy and quiet operation
- low maintenance and very reliable

Car Stackers are generally classified into two main types:

Type 1

Where you have existing space in your home or office carpark, an above ground unit can be installed. Fully self contained units which can park from 1 extra car to 3 cars* in the one car space and lower cars to be removed to access upper cars.

Type 2

Where you are renovating or designing to build, you can install an inground unit which allows independant removal of any car on stacker. Number of cars stored can be 1 - 3* in one car space.

The solution to your parking or storage is easily obtained through various styles and applications.

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